“This is the Armed Forces Network Taiwan” – If you were in Taiwan in the 60’s and 70’s and were listening to an English language radio broadcast, you are farmiliar with that phrase. AFNT was the source of entertainment and news that helped us feel a little closer to home.

My friend, Frank Fellers provided me with a copy of his “China Night” program that was originally aired on June 23, 1968.

The player below will allow you to listen to the program.

Armed Forces Network Taiwan ended operations on April 15, 1979 with the departure of US Military Forces from Taiwan, but that’s not the end of the story.

The English language expatriate community was concerned over the loss of AFNT and the American Chamber of Commerce obtained permission from the Taiwan Government to establish a non-commercial, non-profit English language radio station. AFNT facilities and equipment were transfered to this new station by the American Institute in Taiwan. International Community Radio in Taiwan, ICRT, began operations on April 16, 1970, and continues to this day.

To learn more about ICRT or to listen to it’s programming, click here.

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