Workshop Exterior
Hi, my name is Rick Courtney and I would like to welcome you to my workshop. As you might guess from the name of the site, the photo above is exterior of my woodworking shop.  The reason it looks more like a home than a workshop is that it is sitting directly across the driveway from our home so external appearance was important. The photo was taken standing in front of the garage of the house, so it is apparent how close it is.
These photos are my original shop, a much smaller structure that was built at the time I constructed my home. Over the years I tried countless times to come up with a way to enlarge and update the old building. Finally my wife said just tear it down and build a new one!
I first saw this saying at a friend’s house in the early 70’s.  My wife made this needle point for me (the only needle point she has every done!) and I always kept it in my office.  Since my retirement it has been displayed in my shop.  I have always tried to live by this philosophy.
Don't start vast projects with half vast ideas.

Here are a few of my completed projects

I retired from AT&T in November of 2001. I built the workshop a couple of years before my retirement. Since my retirement I have been staying busy doing volunteer work, helping friends with projects, and remodeling our house, one room at a time.

I hope you will take the opportunity to look through my site and see some of the projects I have been involved with. I am rebuilding this site so be sure to check back often for updates and changes.

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  1. Stan Redshaw

    Allis charmers engine number Ece 7811k and model allis charmers B. And year of manufacturing. Can you give us any information on it.

    • Richard Courtney

      There is a wealth of information about the B available online. You might want to try this one.

      The tractor serial number is stamped on top of the transmission case, beside the shift lever.
      The site listed above shows a list to cross reference the serial number to year of manufacture.

      Good luck with your B.

      • Ron Chilton

        I hope I’m sending this response to the “Rick” from the workshop. My story is long explaining the IH/Farmall – vs – Allis Chalmers tractor relationship I grew up with, but as I’ve stated many times speaking to the Electrical Industry across the Nation I grew up on a tobacco farm in Rockingham County, North Carolina, and I am still proud to have been raised that way.

        I just started an Allis Chalmers – B project, not blindly I owned one years ago and worked it alongside the IH 140 and other IH/Farmall tractors. Even then, back in the early 1980’s it was a project that had been put to pasture. I’m hoping with this site and others the questions that haven’t been answered here might be in the future.

        Ron Chilton

        • Richard Courtney

          Hi Ron,
          Glad to hear you are getting around to your project on the “B”.
          If you have any questions I would be glad to try to answer them.
          I’m located just south of Monroe, so not too far from where you grew up.


  2. Don Clickner


    Recently when I was at Wurth Wood in Charlotte, a guy told me that I might be able to get wood from you. He indicated that you were located somewhere near Lancaster or Chester, SC. I work primarily with Oak and maple. Can you tell me if you sell wood and if so, what varieties you may have?

    By the way….. noticed that you were in the Signal Corp in taiwan. Did you ever run into any of our Army Security Agency (ASA) guys over there. I was stationed at Torii Station in Okinawa from about 4 of 63 to about 11-64 as an 058 which was later changed to 05H. We had a lot of the same MOS’s as the Signal Corp had and some of our guys had been in the corp before coming to ASA.

    Look forward to hearing from you .

    • Richard Courtney

      Hi Don,

      Actually, I’m the person you met at Wurth. The company I was talking about is
      McKittrick Lumber, ask for Cliff or Jack. They sell various species of kiln dried hardwood.
      You can contact them at 803-432-4108. They are located at 11964 Flat Rock Road
      Camden, SC.

  3. jim morgan

    you certainly do fantastic woodwork. I do not use facebook.
    I have lionel model trains


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